Sunday, 23 January 2011

Yes! A video!

Well, I did say yesterday I would try to get a video up, and I did! It actually took me most of the morning to actually find a decent screen recorder, since most of them varied. Then i came across this program on Youtube that allowed me to convert .zmv from ZSNES to AVI. Its very good quality actualy, and better for doing recordings of SMW than any other recorder I've used. So here's the Video:

Well, here ya' go.
See you next Weekend! .^.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Not "Currently off-schedule"! - Fake HDMA

Yo! (Bit of a unusual greeting). Nether the less I'm back! Yes, the Winter Level Design Contest on SMWCentral has finally ended. If you would like to play my entry, you can find it in "Submissions" in This Thread.

Now, to go back on schedule with DID things. I have very limited thing to show (because of no hacking during the contest), but I do have some stuff waiting in the winds. Here is something I recently found out how to do, its Fake HDMA!

See? Isn't that just awesome. It really enhances the Sunny *Un-inhabited* Island feel. Also, one thing I should mention: Thanks to the WLC Contest, I have actually Learn't SO MUCH more stuff with Hacking. I learn't this all so I can have a higher chance of coming in a higher rank. So, try to expect to see more awesome things happening with my Hacking!

That's all for this post, I might actually put up a video tomorrow!
See you Sunday! .^.

Monday, 20 December 2010

WLC Video!

Yup, there is the First-Half to my WLC Entry (SMWC)
Also, the dialogue in the Forest is going to be re-written.
...Uhh, enjoy?

See you! .^.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

WLC Snow!

Well, since D.I.D. is on hold whilst the "Winter Level Design Contest" is up, I said I'll be off-schedule. Updating at any random day whenever I have something to show.

Awesome ExAnimated snow, I know right?
Right now, my entry is about 1/5 done. Yeah, not far :|
Anyway, i've put some creat gimmicks into it like:
- Snowballs (instead of Fire Flower)
- Custom Ice Blocks
- MAP16 ++ & -- Blocks

Stuff like that.
See you..Next Off-time Post .^.

Friday, 10 December 2010

STOP! * Screech!* *BoomBangExplosion*

Welp, whilst the newest SMWC contest is on, I'm taking a diversion from Depth in Detail. This contest is for the best level design, but it needs to be wintered themed, because Tis the season.
This contest also is giving out real prizes for the top 5 winners. HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT?!?

This is the start of the level, so far:

It also uses RPG's VWF Patches! This will be used through-out various points of the level, displaying different messages. This is to create like a Running Commentary to the hack, quite unique I think!

That's it for tonight, so yeah...enjoy this post.
See you next weekend! .^.
(or when I decide to show some WLC Progress)

Sunday, 5 December 2010


Unfortunately, at this moment in time, I have nothing to show off. .sadfaec
Well, I at least don't have anything ready to show off. I've been working on something big, so I should have something cool to show...sometime next Friday.

Yeah, sorry...Very awkward post, I know...*sigh* oh well...
See you next Weekend .^.

Double Poot!

Firstly, I got the Title scree working with VWF. It seems editing things in the overworld adds numerals to your hack, which also does the hijacking part of the SMW messages, thus cancelling out the VWF Dialogue. Without further ado, Here it is:

Yeah, blah...Everything you need to know is up there, blah.

Secondly, I've done some Main OW designing, I'll just show Half of it here:

Yeah, Its kinda bland at the moment, I still need to add levels and stuff, but its still beta...actually, make that Alpha stages. So, that's really all for today, both topic were posted in a double post, and stuff.
See you Tomorrow .^.