Saturday, 22 January 2011

Not "Currently off-schedule"! - Fake HDMA

Yo! (Bit of a unusual greeting). Nether the less I'm back! Yes, the Winter Level Design Contest on SMWCentral has finally ended. If you would like to play my entry, you can find it in "Submissions" in This Thread.

Now, to go back on schedule with DID things. I have very limited thing to show (because of no hacking during the contest), but I do have some stuff waiting in the winds. Here is something I recently found out how to do, its Fake HDMA!

See? Isn't that just awesome. It really enhances the Sunny *Un-inhabited* Island feel. Also, one thing I should mention: Thanks to the WLC Contest, I have actually Learn't SO MUCH more stuff with Hacking. I learn't this all so I can have a higher chance of coming in a higher rank. So, try to expect to see more awesome things happening with my Hacking!

That's all for this post, I might actually put up a video tomorrow!
See you Sunday! .^.

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