Monday, 29 November 2010

Revealing the Awesomeness...

OSHI! Great, I missed this weekend....
Damn you PC, being a Jerk most of the week. Luckily, I have some stuff to show from last week. Which should, hopefully satisfy the most of you.

But first! Revealing the awesomeness...
With over a week of studding the Readme and help from iRhyiku, I got this final functioning:

That's Right! RPG's VWF Dialogue tool is finally up and running, and now that's its up, it will now be so easy just to implement Dialogue scenes.

Secondly, a new map...

A new all vanilla submap. This is the first "Generic Submap". I suspect its not entirely finished since I will probably make some adjustments to it in the future.

Thirdly, some more level...

That's mostly all I'm revealing of this level, I plan to keep the rest...hidden...
Well, that's it for this weekend, and this one gigantic post.
See you next weekend! .^.

Monday, 22 November 2010


Yeah, lets just say I had some catching up to do...
Well, as it seems I'm always busy on Sunday's. I'm only going to be posting ONCE on a Sunday.
Now that's out of the way, I was going to show you something rather Epic, but instead I'm going to wait until I've added it fully into my hack. What i am going to show is a some screen-shots of The level Game play:

Awesome, eh? Nether the less, I have something more... interesting to show, See below...

Yup, you saw that right. Climbing up the wall without a Triangle Block :P
There is a text box off-screen, saying some stuff, but that's not important until I show the surprise...Muhahaha >:3
Enjoy waiting...

Saturday, 20 November 2010


Epic Sax Guy <3
For the past few months, believe it or not, I've been having a "Motivation Block". I'm serious, each time I struggled to open Lunar Magic and work. But something I did today suddenly gave me a spark to start working again, and its become Fun again :D

This is only a little snippet of the actual level I created today, it is planned to be the First "Generic Level". Looks good, no? Screw you. Yeah, more is done, i'll show tomorrow, you know the drill.
So until Tomorrow, GoodNight!

Boss Time!

Indeed, I have been creating a small boss, not very complex, but still a boss nether the less. So here I present to you...*Boss Name Here*:

...Geh? So were is it you may ask? Oh, its there all right, its just Invisible! See, I haven't actually created the GFX for it, since I have no idea what the boss will be. I'll need some time to think / Create the GFX. When I actually think of something, I'll show it here. That's it for this Morning, Until Tonight!

Friday, 19 November 2010

Fire Palettes!

Little Short :V
Yay, Whilst having discussion with Rasmus (from my Hack), We came up with suitable palettes for each others Character:

Hmm...Well, a little bit more to the Palette (in-Game) need a little touching up, but yeah. That problem has been fixed right now as you are reading this sentence, Hurrah! :D
Other than that, more stuff has been done, but I'm not revealing that yet. So until tomorrow, GoodNight!

Sunday, 14 November 2010


No Picture D:
Yeah, Gah! I've been busy today, mainly sorting out Truck loads of un-organized stuff on my PC. And I completely forgot to update the Blog this morning D:
I haven't had much free time, but I have planned out stuff. I have planned out the Plot to "depth in detail"...well, at least added some parts.
Here goes:

Brad starts of in the "Mario" world..
*use RPG's Dialogue patch for massage*.
Wonders around the first few levels.
Around half-way of Main OW, there will be a specific level.
Th specific level will consist of an auto scroll and someone from "Brad's home" contacting him *RPG's Dialogue patch*.

- and that's as far planned of my Plot there is.

And, that's about it. Yeah, as I said, I was busy...
So, until next weekend. GoodNight!

RPG's VWF Dialogue Patch v1.0

Saturday, 13 November 2010

New Tactit!

(Woohoo my C3 Thread is still on the first page :3)
Ok, I've been planning out some style for the "Generic Submap". I came up with an idea. I'm going to mix tile-sets :D
Basically, I'm going to have the mushroom tile-sets, but use the "Super GFX bypass" to add in the forest tile-set. If done correctly, it should end up like this:

(Example from Blue Flamingo by "two_headed_Yoshi")

Yeah, a bit like that. That as in GFX terms, not the level design. Hopefully, I should have an image of my own work like that for one of tomorrows posts. Not much else to add now, so I'll just wrap this up now.
Right, until next time. GoodNight!

Very Late Post

Yeah, sorry I got caught up with something, but i will still be updating twice though. :V

So, C3. I have the lasted thread up, the link will be displayed here.
My C3 Thread
Basically, it just shows off:

- P1 and P2 Character GFX
- Some GFX files
- A palette file

- Extra: 2 ASM files
- Code to fix errors
- Link to this Blog for more updates
So yeah, check it out.

Beta levels :D
You got that right, these are some beta level to my Hack "Depth in Detail". Well, these levels were created in the past, but will probably not be used:

There elements: "Palettes", "Map16", Will still be used for future levels. I also plan to change the Maps slightly, allowing:

- One Generic Submap.
- One big OW, mainly crossing from generic themed to forest theme.
- One Deep forest submap, with climatic level.

Yeah, that's about it for this gigantic post. Until tonight...

Friday, 12 November 2010

C3 and Update

C3 is tomorrow, and I have pretty much everything set up for it...well, except I need to put the links in, but that will be done just before I go to bed. For the Main reason I don't want people looking into "My Files" and downloading it before C3.

Update :D

Yeah! I fixed the "S" in "Brad / Rasmus Start". It was a simple Hex edit...well, the way I went about it wasn't simple. Firstly, I did the hex edit...and nothing changed D: So, I had to ask on SMWC, edited it, and it worked :D
...well, its wasn't to hard, it was more time consuming.

That's it for today, GoodNight!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Greatest News of the Day!

Well, after again God knows how many hours I've finally patched the ROM and made the changes from "Mario / Luigi Start!" to "Brad / Rasse Start!": (Rasse is short for Rasmus, but should not be used as his Name)

The "S" in "Start!" is only messed up since for some reason, in the original SMW, the "S" used a different palette from the rest of the letters. This is an easy fix, I just "In Hextranslation, Ctrl+F x1339 and change (00, 04, 34, 74, B4, F4) into (04, 04, 34, 74, B4, F4)". Which sounds confusing, but really isn't. That's it for Today, GoodNight!

Great and Greater News!

First, the Great News. I've finally finished the Brad & Rasmus GFX. Their all ready to go for C3. All I need to do is plan them on how I should release them on the day of C3.

Now for the Greater News. Earlier in my post I said that I was going to disable the "Mario / Luigi Start", until I had discussion with Ramp202 (SMWC User). He agreed to help me change them. I supplied him the GFX and he made them both. All I need to do now is Patch the .ASM files using Xkas GUI. 

Saturday, 6 November 2010

It Works!

Yes! Finally, after god knows how many hours I finally managed to get Them both to work:

However, I did encounter a problem when I first tested it. I encountered "Invisible Blocks". What I mean is, scattered around the level were solid blocks that you couldn't see. I eventually diagnosed the problem, it turned out (since the background was hand made into Layer 2) that some of the background Pieces were set to 130, which is a solid block. The problem I resolved now, and that's it for today, GoodNight!

Testing Fail...

Well, its morning again. Time to test my previous level I made last night...

OSHI! Yeah, umm...not exactly what I was expecting. It's like...ASPLODED into a mess of cut-off! I gather its some problem to do with Layer 2's Scrolling. As when I tested the level, Layer 1 and 2 speeds varied from each other. I WILL need to fix this. In the mean time, I'll figure out how to change Layer 2's scrolling. Once I've done so, I will most likely report back here.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Layer 1's and 2's

In most recent news, I've been busy experimenting with Layer 1 and Layer 2. I've been using them both to create an Overgrown Forest landscape:

As you can see, Only layer 1 and 2 have been used for this, no ExGFX, nothing. Just simple SMW mechanics. This took me a while to figure out how to make, but its pretty simple once you know. In case you are wondering to know, here is how its made:

- Background is custom built and put onto layer two.
- General ground is also on layer 2
- On layer 1 are the ground Corners and Slopes.
- The added Forest bush is on-top of Layer 2 Ground, not layer 1.

Since I just made it recently, it is yet to be tested. But unfortunately it is late at night. So until then, GoodNight!

GFX Update

Well, lately I've been finishing some Player GFX for C3.
This job haves been proven to be quite a challenge, as I struggle to find which GFX are used for what and etc. Here's a Screen-shot of my in-depth work:

As you can see, I'm currently finishing up the last few poses of my character, blatantly titled "Brad". P2 is available with these new GFX set, titled "Rasmus".
I am also currently unable to edit "Mario / Luigi Start!", so I will use a simple hex edit to solve this problem by disabling it entirely (or at least until I learn how to change it). I hope to be releasing them on, Saturday 13th November, the Launch date of SMWCentral's C3

Thursday, 4 November 2010


A little intro here. :V
Welcome to this SMW hacking section of my...hobbies? Eh.
Here, I'll be posting whatever will go on in my course of SMW.
This includes Levels, GFX work, and various of gimmicks (aka Level Fails) I'll be posting a soon a possible, and expect to see me!
Yeah! ...Cools ...Boon :3