Sunday, 14 November 2010


No Picture D:
Yeah, Gah! I've been busy today, mainly sorting out Truck loads of un-organized stuff on my PC. And I completely forgot to update the Blog this morning D:
I haven't had much free time, but I have planned out stuff. I have planned out the Plot to "depth in detail"...well, at least added some parts.
Here goes:

Brad starts of in the "Mario" world..
*use RPG's Dialogue patch for massage*.
Wonders around the first few levels.
Around half-way of Main OW, there will be a specific level.
Th specific level will consist of an auto scroll and someone from "Brad's home" contacting him *RPG's Dialogue patch*.

- and that's as far planned of my Plot there is.

And, that's about it. Yeah, as I said, I was busy...
So, until next weekend. GoodNight!

RPG's VWF Dialogue Patch v1.0

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