Saturday, 13 November 2010

Very Late Post

Yeah, sorry I got caught up with something, but i will still be updating twice though. :V

So, C3. I have the lasted thread up, the link will be displayed here.
My C3 Thread
Basically, it just shows off:

- P1 and P2 Character GFX
- Some GFX files
- A palette file

- Extra: 2 ASM files
- Code to fix errors
- Link to this Blog for more updates
So yeah, check it out.

Beta levels :D
You got that right, these are some beta level to my Hack "Depth in Detail". Well, these levels were created in the past, but will probably not be used:

There elements: "Palettes", "Map16", Will still be used for future levels. I also plan to change the Maps slightly, allowing:

- One Generic Submap.
- One big OW, mainly crossing from generic themed to forest theme.
- One Deep forest submap, with climatic level.

Yeah, that's about it for this gigantic post. Until tonight...

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