Friday, 5 November 2010

Layer 1's and 2's

In most recent news, I've been busy experimenting with Layer 1 and Layer 2. I've been using them both to create an Overgrown Forest landscape:

As you can see, Only layer 1 and 2 have been used for this, no ExGFX, nothing. Just simple SMW mechanics. This took me a while to figure out how to make, but its pretty simple once you know. In case you are wondering to know, here is how its made:

- Background is custom built and put onto layer two.
- General ground is also on layer 2
- On layer 1 are the ground Corners and Slopes.
- The added Forest bush is on-top of Layer 2 Ground, not layer 1.

Since I just made it recently, it is yet to be tested. But unfortunately it is late at night. So until then, GoodNight!

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