Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Greatest News of the Day!

Well, after again God knows how many hours I've finally patched the ROM and made the changes from "Mario / Luigi Start!" to "Brad / Rasse Start!": (Rasse is short for Rasmus, but should not be used as his Name)

The "S" in "Start!" is only messed up since for some reason, in the original SMW, the "S" used a different palette from the rest of the letters. This is an easy fix, I just "In Hextranslation, Ctrl+F x1339 and change (00, 04, 34, 74, B4, F4) into (04, 04, 34, 74, B4, F4)". Which sounds confusing, but really isn't. That's it for Today, GoodNight!

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, That's right. DO. NOT. CALL. ME "Rasse" IRL.

    It's a short version of "Racist" here. (Well, some use it in that way)